“Rooted” Pastor Mitch McKinney 2-25-2018



Today at Real Hope we join Real Life Pastor Mitch McKinney as we begin the message series, "Rooted."


Real Hope Program and Study Guide for 2-25-2018 


Welcome to Real Hope.  We’re Glad You’re Here.  


Join us in worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


This is our program for today, Sunday February 25th.


Countdown to Worship: "Bible Trivia"


First Music Offering: "O Come To The Altar," Elevation Worship.


Second Music Offering: "Witness," Jordan Feliz.


Third Music Offering: " This Is Amazing Grace," Phil Wickam.


Communion Music Offering: "Communion," Third Day


Communion Service: Shirlee Yoder


Offering, Prayer Requests, and Announcements: Dana Smith


Today’s Sermon: "ROOTED," Pastor Mitch McKinney, Real Life Church, East Orlando Campus.


Closing Prayer: Ken Smith




We hope that you enjoyed our service today and encourage you seek God in everything that you do.


At Real Hope our purpose is to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts and with all of our souls and with all of our minds.


Our focus begins with all the people of Citrus County and by the Grace of God we will:


Gather together to worship and celebrate God,

Grow in our knowledge and faith,

Give in love and,

Go out into the world to shine brightly with the light of salvation from our Savior Jesus Christ and tell the world what we know is true!


We boldly ask God to help us shake the Earth and touch the Heavens!


We look forward to seeing you again. 


Thank you and God bless you.


Sermon Message & Study Guide for 2/25 to 3/4/2018


As followers of Jesus, we are called to change the world. As a church, we feel this is accomplished by getting “Rooted” in the Word of God, growing as a disciple of Jesus, and blessing others with that with which we have been blessed. But if we are going to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives we must have a growing relationship with Him.


This new series will help us understand our roots in Jesus so that we can continue our transformation in Him.




How has your physical family helped influence who you are today?


Read John 15:1-5

1       What does Jesus mean when He says, “Remain in me”?

2       We determined “remain in me” means having a true relationship with Jesus, what does that relationship look like?


Read John 15:6-11

3. In this passage, Jesus shared 11 times to “remain”. We know it is extremely important to remain in Him. How do we remain in our relationship with Jesus?


Read John 15:12-17

4. When we remain in Jesus and have a true relationship with Him, what happens in our lives?


Read Galatians 5:22-23

5. What do some of the fruits described in this passage mean to you, and how can you apply them to your life?


Next Steps: Our roots determine our fruit. So as we begin this journey together, ask yourself, what are you rooted in? We’re all rooted in something, what is it for you?

•        What are you rooted in?

•        What are you remaining in?

•        What fruits are you experiencing?

•        What fruit is coming out of your life?


Reading Plan Sunday – John 15 Monday – Galatians 5:16-26 Tuesday – Philippians 2:1-5 Wednesday – Romans 5:1-11 Thursday – Romans 12 Friday – Hebrews 3:4-14 Saturday – Hebrews 11


Thank you and may God bless you!


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